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Our mission is to drive systems change through technology. Today, we are primarily focused on digital assets, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and how these technological innovations will drastically alter the way we store and transfer value.

Michael Novogratz
founder and CEO

Model of Our Business

These are the three pillars our business is built upon

Bank Level Security

Our dedicated DDOS-protected servers are equipped with latest and strongest antivirus and malware software and hardware.

24/7 Customer Support

FAQ has replies to 99% of your questions, however if you still need our support, we are available 24/7 through multiple support channels.

Legal US Company

Galaxy Investment Partners is a legal and licensed financial company incorporated in the United States.

Accessible Everywhere

Our website is developed to work on any device - whether it's a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone!

Fail-proof Script and BOTs

Our custom made Arbitrage trading script does all the hard work for you. Tired of looking at those charts and trying to catch the price difference between exchanges to generate small profit? (The Arbitrage Strategy) If that is the case you are in the right place, because Our Script and the Bots running it on high end servers, do all of that for you.

Technology is here to Help

So we came up with the idea of creating something that can help all traders by making their trades fully automated with 100% success rate.